Let ONEBIT Do the Work, Understand Your Finances

What is ONEBIT?

ONEBIT is a financial software program that manages your income and expenses to provide you with important insights and recommendations about your finances. 

Our powerful tool consolidates sales – from POS systems like Square and Clover – and expenses into one place allowing real-time views of profit and loss numbers. We also have charts (sales, expenses, net profit and net loss) to give you a visual look at tracking data. A notifcations feature also alerts you when you have overbudgeted. Armed with an expanded knowledge of your finaces, you can make smarter decisions and have your business succeed.

Our Features to Strengthen Your Business

Sales Chart

Displays transactions, items sold and net sales trends by week, month, quarter or year

Detailed views of point of sales transactions

Sort and filter through reports to view important data quickly

Download information as PDF for easy viewing and exporting

Expense Chart

View top categories spent for a selected timeframe

Accurately track expenses through an organized and intuitve template

Quickly search for records by date, category, expense name and amount

Easily customize expense categories by adding new costs or budets

Net Profit / Net Loss Chart

See the difference between total sales minus total expenses easily

Access profit and loss patterns to reduce unnecessary costs, on-demand and on-the-go

Look at detailed profit and loss statements by week, month, quarter, or year

Notifications and Recommendations

Make better decisions through insightful alerts about your business

Receive notifications when you gain/lose customers by week, month, quarter, or year

Get updates on unusual spending patterns, money over spent in a particular category

Data Security

Your finances are safe and secure

Protected personal login to view your account

A two-factor authentication to protect your info

Multiple safety measures when accessing your financial data

What Makes ONEBIT the One for Your Small Business?

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